I currently provide a few workshops or talks to groups during the year.  Although I can often book a week day in advance, Fridays and weekends are preferable due to my current employment.

Natural Selection

(2 Day workshop)  You will create textured backgrounds and prints using hedgerow or garden plants and other printable objects such as feathers. You will build a collection from which to edit and build a composition in the form of a small collage or a wall hanging.
You will select focal elements and explore layering, machine and hand stitching techniques to add emphasis and complexity to their prints and use free machine stitching to employ a ‘stitch and tear’ technique using teabag paper to develop motifs. The workshop is designed to allow students to work in their own individual style using the techniques demonstrated.

Objects of Attention

(2 Day Workshop)  You begin by noticing and collecting a few small objects of interest from their surroundings. These will be used to explore form, pattern, and shape on different scales using a variety of media and materials.
You will build a set of fabrics and papers based around one chosen object which will be pieced and layered together. The format will be flexible but might include a book, scroll or simple vessel, for example.
Throughout the course, students are encouraged to work both with their own preferences and to try a range of new materials and processes to re-present their objects of attention.

(1 Day Workshop)  Students will have chosen their object of attention to bring, in order to build a set of thin papers and tissues which will be painted, printed and marked based on abstracted patterns and shapes.  These will be layered onto a simple shrine-like background with small shelf, suitable for wall-mounting.

Unfolding Ferneries

(2 day workshop, Spring to late summer)  You will bring collected ferns to print using gel plates and acrylic paints (the tutor will also have a collection for use).  A variety of fabrics and papers will be used which will be built into a scroll. This may be pieced on fabric or paper according to preference.  Text, letter stamps and lines of poetry  will be used to compliment the images, and you will be encouraged to move from Spring to Autumn colours as you work to tell the story of a fern.  You will use free machine stitching to employ a ‘stitch and tear’ technique using teabag paper to develop motifs.  Hand or machine stitching will be used to embellish and add further interest and texture.   Students will have spare prints which may be used for other small works to accompany the unfolding fernery if time allows.

(1 day workshop) As above, but completed as a smaller, simple paper scroll with the likelihood that stitching will be completed at home following the workshop.

Rock, paper, scissors

(1 Day Workshop)  You will first observe a variety of stones from the tutor’s collection then use painted, dyed and textured papers to build complex, interesting surfaces.  From these, several stones or pebbles will be cut, strengthened and arranged into one or two pleasing stone stacks.  These may be mounted in a box frame of choice and look attractive mounted on foam pads so that they stand proud and cast a shadow.   You will learn a variety of colouring and printing techniques for stone so that you have a repertoire of skills to take home and employ in future projects.   You may wish to add hand-stitching to further enhance texture should you wish.