I am a textile and mixed media artist with a background in painting.  An extended textile art course from 2014 to 2016  gave me the foundation to develop my practice in this area.  However, over the years I have explored various disciplines such as ceramics, art journaling and the more traditional fields of embroidery which have  given me different skills to employ in my work.

I am deeply interested in synthesis – the bringing together of materials and ideas to create something new.  I have always loved paper from being a small child and continue to use a lot in my work, combining it with fabrics, threads and other materials to create layered and complex surfaces. My intention is to produce work that is primarily interesting, both to me in the execution of an idea that springs from a soulful place, and to the viewer in the holding of their thought or gaze for a moment. I continue to work almost full time for my local authority as an education service manager so time is limited, but my ambition is to have an exhibition at a future point in time so I work away steadily on a weekend in my studio.

The natural world is my dominant source of inspiration.   I live in West Yorkshire looking over to the Pennines, and the landscape is both interesting and ever-changing.  However, I am drawn to the smaller things around me.  I look up and around for a sense of wellbeing but look down and in to feed my artistic curiosity.  A camera is a constant companion with which to record and remember that which doesn’t find its way back to my studio.

I have displayed work as part of two textile groups over several years, and have been a regular demonstrator for the ‘Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts’ ICHF shows around the country. I was recently invited to create an installation for ‘Heart’ gallery, Hebden Bridge.

I am the founder member of ‘Hillstone Fibre Arts’ and belong to a local embroiderer’s guild.

As well as having a few articles in publications, I have written a book about how to think through the different stages of creativity using examples from my own work and a smaller book on how to use teabag paper. You can find them using the ‘contact’ tab.

I do hope you enjoy the blog – I have been writing for several years now and it has grown significantly over that time, with followers from around the world.  I recognise that I am a thinker, and I enjoy the creative thinking process immensely so writing helps me make sense of what I do and I hope some if it will resonate with you, too. I do try to keep a somewhat humorous perspective on life as I think we all need a bit of that, but it is really about sharing my love of making with you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rachael,
    Your work is lovely!
    I’d be very interested in reading your book and/or attending any workshops you might be putting on.
    Do you have any details of either please x

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