Likin’ the Lichen

I have had a bit of a love for lichen since I can remember.  I actually have a science background and they are fascinating symbiotic life forms, a phrase which I know  you might be tempted to use in other contexts, but you must resist! 

My father studied them as well, apparently.  Perhaps I don’t remember and maybe he drew my attention to them?  In any case, they are a good lesson in being attentive.  I continue to believe that people who do creative things are  people who notice, and once noticed, the humble lichen kinda gets into you.  (but that could just be me?)  I have a Pinterest board of them and they deserve a wee celebration in my opinion so here is some lichen eye-candy from my travels!

You see, you are just a bit smitten now, admit it.

Anyway, on setting eyes upon some bits of dyed fabric and an old crocheted thingy, I thought they might be transformed into something ‘licheny’.   I am in the middle of a bit of something, and boosted by the lack of surprised looks or comments that what I was doing looked ‘interesting’ at our guild yesterday, I’m prepared to show you what could be the start of something exploring these treasures.  I’m already thinking transfer printing and soldering irons for the frilly ones… I’m sure this is nothing new but what I feel is important is that it’s new for me.  Finding the ‘extrordinay in the ordinary’ is always wonderful.  

Next time you are out, look down, look in, but be careful, they might get you!

P.s. I’ve updated a few photos in the galleries